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Community Profile

The new town hall was opened in May of 1986. The Town of Whitakers was built around the Wilmington-Weldon Railway and originally known as Whitakers Turnout or Depot. The land was originally owned by Richard and Elizabeth Cary Whitaker in 1740.

Formerly Whitakers Town Hall, the Library is Located at the fringe of the original business district. This structure symbolizes early government in Whitakers. It was constructed about the turn of the century as the town hall and jail (in the rear). Today, the building continues to serve civic functions, accommodating the local library. Shaded by large trees, the officious exterior of the frame building suggests its enduring role as a public structure. The shed-roofed garage once housed a Model-T fire truck.

Whitakers has a lot to offer its residents. We have a resident physician, a medical clinic and pharmacy and are close to several hospitals, dental clinics and medical complexes. We have a police department, fire department and rescue squad that serve our area well. A major bank, a post office, town hall, library and new water and sewer lines should be attractive to newcomers. A public golf course, three country clubs, one racket and swim club in the area as well as being less than an hour away from Lake Gaston (a haven for camping, fishing and all water sports) and our own Lake Bellamy, noted for fine game fishing are further advantages to living in our small town. Whitakers has a lot of advantages for family life and community resources, such as the library, the Dell Center, and surrounding churches of all denominations.
Whitakers was a railroad town complete with a depot, which served businesses, area farmers, and local industries. The depot no longer exists, but we are still served by major truck routes. Our goal is to return Whitakers to its past glory by finding ways to attract new businesses to our town center, which would hopefully entice more people to choose Whitakers as their new home.
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